Miriam Caird (nee Cohen)

Miriam Caird (nee Cohen) 1910 - 1972

Miriam was the youngest child of Margaret Currie and Joseph Cohen.  She was also my grandmother on my mothers side.  

Miriam was eight years younger than Kitty, the next youngest sibling.  Her eldest sister Getty was born in 1897, her brother Harry in 1899 and Kitty in 1902, so there was a considerable age gap between Miriam and her siblings.  Part of the reason for the gap in ages was the death of two siblings: Annie (1904-1906) and May (1906-1906).  

Miriam never liked her name much as she felt it was too Jewish.  She was particularly close to Getty with whom she spoke on a daily basis.  Kitty married and moved to Queensland and Harry was running the jewellery shop in Lismore. 

Looking through Miriams one existing album which dates from the early 1930's, she had a lot of friends and enjoyed travelling and outdoor excursions.  There is a picture of Miriam at Taronga Zoo wearing a fur coat.  She was pretty and had at least one boyfriend "Al" before she met Grandpa.

Miriam married Frank William Caird in 1935.  I have a newspaper clipping describing the wedding at St Stephens and the "oyster wool georgette and satin ensemble with navy hat" worn by the bride as she left for her honeymoon.  

Frank and Miriam settled down in Pretoria Avenue Mosman.  My mother, Margaret Miriam Caird was born on 29th November 1937 and was their only child.  When Miriams parents died it was Getty who became 'like a grandmother' to my mother. 

 Miriam as a bride 1935

Miriam as a child circa 1914

Miriam as a child circa 1918.  The watch would have been a luxury.

                    Kitty and Miriam circa 1918.  What lovely smiles.

Frank and Miriam embarking on their honeymoon

Frank and Miriam

Frank and Miriam with yours truly

          Miriam on the Eiffel tower in Paris 1967

Frank and Miriam Cairds home in Pretoria Avenue Mosman

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