The Fredericks Family

Francis Fredericks (1839 - 1937)

Eliza Fredericks nee Jones (1850 - 1935)

Archibald Currie's daughter Mary Isabella married Francis J Fredericks (Jack) in 1897.  Archibald's grandaughter Elizabeth Wotherspoon married Jack's brother Henry two years later, in 1899.  Both were the sons of Francis Fredericks (1839 - 1937) and Eliza Fredericks nee Jones (1850 - 1935).  Francis Fredericks father Peter Joseph Fredericks (1786 - 1871) migrated to Australia in 1827.  It always seemed appropriate to dedicate a page to the Fredericks family but until recently I didn't have much information.  I have been sent some pages from "The Fredericks Family History" by Ivy Ethel Irvine which I am going to post here as-is. 

Peter Joseph Fredericks (1786 - 1871) fought in Napoleons army in Russia and at the battle of Waterloo.


Fredericks first homestead at South Gundurimba

"Sommerfield" - a local Aboriginal who used to visit Fredericks homestead at Gundurimba

Francis John ("Jack") Fredericks 1876 - 1956 married Mary Isabella ("Bella") Currie in 1897.

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