Susan Robertson Wotherspoon (nee Currie)

Susan Robertson Wotherspoon (1858 - 1929) was the eldest child of Archibald Currie.  Susan married William Watson Wotherspoon at her fathers house on 21st June, 1877.  William died in 1894 of influenza and pneumonia, leaving Susan in the difficult position of caring for eight children from the age of 0 to 16 years of age.    

Susan had 9 children altogether:

Susan                     (1878 - 1948)   married Clarence Seller of Grafton in 1897
Elizabeth Watson  (1880 - 1963)  married Henry (Harry) Fredericks in 1899
Archibald Currie    (1882 - 1946) married Gertrude M Curran in 1916
Duncan W               (1884 - 1957) married Ada O'Brien in 1930
William J                  (1887 - 1915) married Lily M Britt in 1907
Margaret Grace      (1889 - 1968) married Harold W Stewart in 1914
Andrew Robinson  (1892 - 1944)
Peter Craigie          (1894 - 1959) married Muriel E Rogan in 1919
Hurtle David            (1899 - 1964) married Una Lillian Knapp in 1937

Susan's daughter Susan married Mr C Seller of Grafton in a dual wedding with Bella, Archibalds youngest daughter.  They had four boys, Thomas W, Frederick H, Jack C and Clarence H.  There are more details on Susan Seller's page.

Susan's daughter Elizabeth married Harry Fredericks, brother of Francis John ('Jack') Fredericks who was married to Mary Isabella ('Bella') Currie, Archibald Curries daughter and Elizabeths aunt.  Descendants of Elizabeth ('Lizzie') included Clarice Roberts and her son Richard Roberts who has kindly contributed information for this site.  There are more details on Elizabeth Watson Frederick's page.

Susan's daughter Margaret Grace ('Peggy') married Harold W Stewart in 1914 and lived initially at Clunes.  Peggy had two children, Walter and Winifred.  Winifred married Walter Johnston and had three children, two girls and a boy.   

Meg Young remembers Susan being known as 'Grannie Wotherspoon' in later life by Mary Isabellas children (Bella, 'Keith' and 'Jack') because their own grandmother, Susan Currie (nee Hutcheson) had died in 1897 and Susan, her eldest daughter was 18 years older than Mary Isabella, her youngest.  With such an age gap between the sisters, Susan would have been something of a mother figure to Mary Isabella and she was alive 30 years after her mothers demise so it is easy to understand how she became 'Grannie Wotherspoon'.  

Meg also mentioned that as a young woman Susan was always minding other peoples children and the family said she had 'jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire' where children were concerned!  The impression I get is of a woman who loved children (rather convenient considering!) and spent her whole life looking after them.  It sounds like 'Grannie Wotherspoon' 's love of children continued into her old age.  

1877 - the Lismore Northern Star announces the wedding

Archibald Currie in front of his shop in Bridge St North Lismore.  It is possible the attractive young woman standing next to him is Susan Wotherspoon (or another sister) with her first two daughters, Susan and Elizabeth, which would date the photograph around 1882. 

A different photograph of the same shop possibly a few years later looking at the small tree in the front yard of the house to the left of the shop.  I've no idea who the other man on the street is.  Upstairs on the balcony are probably two of Archibalds children.   

The family inside the original Presbyterian Church in Lismore.  The man with the child could be William Wotherspoon, with Susan next to him, and her mother Susan Currie on the other side of her. 

The home of William and Susan Wotherspoon cnr Bridge St and Wotherspoon Sts North Lismore.

Susan and William Wotherspoons gravestone in North Lismore pioneers cemetery

Elizabeth Watson (Lizzie) Wotherspoon and Henry (Harry) Fredericks

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