Unidentified Persons

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1.  Although the hairstyle and the suit look exactly like Archibald's, I don't think this is him.

2. This was taken in Sydney and is probably one of Archibald's daughters.  But which?  Kitty?  Jessie?  Elizabeth?  Margaret?

3.  This is said to be Kitty, Jessie and unknown (Elizabeth?). 

4.  The Presbyterian Church in Lismore.  I can't be sure of any of who any of these people are but the third woman from the left looks Aboriginal.  The man holding the child could be William Wotherspoon with Susan to his right.  The older lady next to her could be Susan Currie.  The woman sitting second from the left in a dark dress appears again in the picture below so she was probably a family member. 


5.  Unknown

6. Unknown

7. Unknown.  I like to think this might be Susan Currie but can't be sure.

8.  This is very old and looks like it came from Scotland.  A young Archibald or Duncan?  A photo sent of a relative's child back home?

9. This photo is also very old and was printed on metal.  It possibly came from Scotland.  

10.  Unknown but probably a Fredericks

11.  This photo was one of the few that had some identification written on the back.  It says this is David Wotherspoon, son of Andrew Wotherspoon.  This would be great if Andrew Wotherspoon had a son called David but unfortunatly this is not the case.  There was a grandson David so perhaps this is him.

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