William J Wotherspoon


William J Wotherspoon (1887 - 1915)

William J Wotherspoon married Lily Maude Britt in 1907 and had three sons:

John Ormsby Wotherspoon 1907 - 1981 (married Lorna Pearl Ellis in 1931)
William G Wotherspoon Born 1909
Harold Duncan Wotherspoon Born 1912

William J Wotherspoon with wife Lily and their two eldest sons, John Ormsby and William George circa 1911

There is no mention of William J Wotherspoon in the 1936 Lismore electoral roll (as you'ld expect) but other family members appear:

Lily Maud Wotherspoon, Wyrallah road, home duties
Lorna Pearl Wotherspoon, Wyrallah road, home duties
William George, Wyrallah road, storekeeper
John Ormsby, Wyrallah road, shopkeeper
Harold Duncan, Wyrallah road, shop assistant

The three Wotherspoon boys - John Ormsby, William George and Harold Duncan circa 1915

The Three Wotherspoon Boys circa 1940

Wotherspoons Store in Second Avenue, Lismore circa 1950
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