Kitty Riddell (nee Cohen)

Catherine (Kitty) Riddell (nee Cohen) 1902 - 1987

Kitty Cohen was the daughter of Margaret Cohen (nee Currie) and Joseph Cohen.  She was born in Lismore in 1902.

Kitty would have been about 19 when her parents retired to Mosman.  She began training as a nurse in a hospital in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.  At a dance, (which was in some way related to the hospital) she was introduced by a friend to Les Riddell who she later married. 

Kitty moved to Queensland with Les Riddell and had three sons.  The family would come down to Sydney for holidays and stay at Ruby Street with her parents. 

Kitty used to describe the parties they had at Ruby Street with singalongs around the piano and could play a little herself.

                      Kitty's wedding photo, 1st September, 1924

                         Kitty (seated) with Miriam in Lismore NSW, circa 1918

Les, Kitty and a friend at the beach in the 1940's

              Kitty with her sons circa 1930

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