John Robertson Currie

John Robertson Currie (1874 - 1944) was the second son and eighth child of Archibald Currie.  John Robertson was a barber by trade and took over running his fathers store.  He married Alice Duster but they had no children.  He was known as "Jack Currie" and was interested in horse racing and owned a horse called "Ladamont" which won the Gillies cup or a similar race at the Queensland turf club.  His wife took over the S P Bookmaking business after his death.  Jack Currie had an aviary at his North Lismore home which Joe Hayden remembers visiting.  

J R Currie was buried in the Catholic section of the East Lismore cemetery, not far from his uncle Duncan (who is in the Presbyterian section).  

                                                   This is the only photo I have of J R Currie. 

J R Currie's store.  Note the barbers pole - John Robertson Currie was a barber by trade.  The men in this photo are all too young to be John Roberston and the only one so far identified is Keith Fredericks, second from the left.  Note also the reflection of the F.Wicks and Co sign in the window glass, the store must have been directly opposite F. Wicks where Joseph Cohen worked before opening his own store in 1914.

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